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Did You Get The Chicken or The Fish?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Deciding on what the food menu will be for your wedding? Setting up a menu or doing buffet style? What type of food? Vegetarian, vegan, keto...etc? It's a headache trying to please people especially when it comes to their diet. You obviously don't want people to starve but at the end of the day you can't and won't be able to please everyone at your wedding. And that is OKAY. It's your day! However, I'm still here to give you some pointers to help ease the situation.

First, you need to solidify your guest count because that will distinguish the serving style you will have. Serving styles could range from having your own personal menu with options or to having a full service buffet for your guests to serve themselves. This is all dependent on your preference and your budget as well.

Second, you can consider the theme of your wedding so you can match the food to the theme as well. If you don't have a certain theme, it's a free range of what you can choose for the menu of the night. Or another way to save money is to serve finger foods and smaller plates. You can also have everything in bulk and easy. You can have pizza or pre-made sandwiches made! Or another fun idea, is to forget a menu and the fancy stuff and get yourself a taco truck (personal favorite).

Last, is deciding on the food. I believe that having 2-3 options on a menu may be one of the more popular serving styles because you will more than likely spend less and have given your guests options. But again, you're free to choose whatever you like because it is your special day.

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