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A love story to my daughter...

I will start by saying I had a birth plan and everything ended up going unplanned, but I would do it over 100 times if it meant getting to meet you. It was a Sunday, July 3rd at around 4:30am when I started to get consecutive contractions, I tried to sleep them off but that didn’t really work as I would just wake up constantly in pain. Finally just before 8am I let Nick know we might need to go to Labor and Delivery. I wasn’t exactly timing my contractions with a watch, but they felt so close together and had been constant for about an hour. We went into the L&D and were taken back right away to be checked, I was only 2 centimeters dilated and my contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart. Because I had a note about wanting a natural birth with no epidural they suggested I labor at home, this way I would be more comfortable as things progress. I curb walked and bounced on my ball, trying to do whatever I could to move things along. The next day, Monday, July 4th we went back to L&D around 8-9am as my contractions were much closer together and stronger. Again, we were seen right away. At this point, I was still 2 centimeters dilated with my contractions being about 2-5 minutes apart I was told to continue to labor at home. I was frustrated and decided I wasn’t going back to L&D until my water broke, this made my Nick a bit nervous because we heard your water doesn’t always break. As time passed, my contractions became much stronger. I hadn’t had much sleep since Saturday except for maybe like 5-10 minutes at time. I was exhausted and just going through each contraction as best I could, thankfully with Nick by my side. I took a couple a warm bath to help with the pain. At one point my contractions seem to come to a stop and I thought maybe it was false labor (it sure didn’t feel like false labor) after about 45 minutes they came right back just as strong if not stronger. Now it's Tuesday, July 5th and I’m still laboring at home, I attempt to take a nap around noon and was immediately awoke with another painful contraction. I got out of bed to get into a position where I could swing my hips, this seemed to help with the contractions. After the contraction stopped, I felt liquid run down my leg and I knew it wasn't pee. It was finally time! (at least I hoped it was, at this point I was starting to feel like the girl who cried wolf, I would have hated to be sent home again) We head to L&D and get there around 1pm. The only difference about this day was they were busy and I was laboring in the waiting room for almost 2 hours. After being there for about an hour or so my Nick asked when they would be taking me back and they said maybe another 30 minutes or so, hearing this was hard, 30 minutes sounded like forever. I of course understood they were busy, but I was in so much pain. I was trying to be quiet with the contractions as I didn’t want to scare the other moms-to-be but at this point I said screw this and let out some loud noises (not quite a scream) Someone came out and took me back almost right away. I was so relieved to not be in the waiting room anymore. When they brought me back to the room I immediately got sick and my water fully broke. When they checked me I thought I was going to be maybe a 7 or 8 with how much pain I was in but, nope, I was just dilated to a 4. I was at least being admitted so I knew I was close to meeting you. This is where some tough decisions were made, while I wanted a natural birth, I was beyond the point of exhaustion and the pain was a lot. I remember telling my Nick if at some point I’m in labor for more the like 2 days I’ll probably elect for some pain medication. They offered my pain medication through my IV and I accepted as I knew I was going to need my energy and strength to deliver you. I also made to decision that I would get the epidural. When they were taking me up to the delivery room we ran into our OB at the elevator, in the nicest way of saying I look like hell he said I looked like I had been going through it and I laughed and assured him I was getting the epidural and he agreed that was a great decision. Let’s face it someone shouldn’t have to be in that much pain for more than 60 hours (which it had already been that long) I finally got the epidural around 6pm right after being brought into the room. I have to say after being in labor and pain that long, it was great to no longer be in pain and finally get some sleep. I had one nurse Bri that I distinctively remember, she was amazing, we were the same age so we chatted a lot (it was a long night) She had me moving around a lot to try and get things progressing more. I quickly got to a 6 in dilation and was very happy as things were progressing. At last cervical check of the night I was at a soft 7. The next morning now being Wednesday, July 6th, I had a couple of new nurses come in to check me and I was at 7 1/2. At this point it had been quite some time without really any change in dilation and my water had been broke for about 18 hours. I knew something was wrong when I saw them quietly chatting, look at me, look at the monitors and charts, leave the room, and come back with a doctor.

The time was a little after 8am now. The doctor informed me that due to my water being broken for as long as it had and the worry about infection or complication, they were looking at doing a C-section. Honestly when I heard that I was devastated, I already went against my birth plan and now hearing this was so upsetting and stressful. I knew that I had to do what was best for you and if that was a C-section then so be it. The doctor asked them to have an OR ready in 30 minutes as they needed to prep me, everything after this point was a blur. I remember being on the table feeling nauseous and getting sick. When Nick come in I finally felt some comfort and relief, I didn't know they had begun until I felt weird pressure coming from below, I was honestly trying to keep my focus on Nick. I felt what was like a weight being lifted from me and I heard the most amazing cry, you were here...9:42am. I cried as soon as I saw you, I couldn’t believe this little human that I had been growing for the past 39 weeks and 3 days was finally here. Everyone has their own unique birth experience and while mine did not go as planned and was more than I had anticipated, I would do over, and over. My labor seemed to be so minimal as soon as I held you in my arms.

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