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Happy Thanksgiving ! I wanted to take a moment and jot down a few things that I am thankful for -- I do this a few times a year when I need to realign myself, my thoughts and my feelings. As someone who has depression and anxiety I find that this takes me out of a negative headspace and helps me see the value in my life and the relationships that I hold with others. So here are 10 things that I am feeling thankful for in this moment !

  1. Family - Not only does this include my blood relatives but more so my friends that I consider to be family. Almost every Friday night & Sunday this year has been spent with these amazing individuals that are living their best lives.. with celebrating birthdays, promotions, breakups, marriage and holidays - they keep me grounded and motivated. I love my people.

  2. My Job - I don't know about you but I've been through so much work-wise, from leaving a company last year because the environment was toxic to working for a company that closed to where I am at now. I am given the freedom everyday to take on Visual Merchandising in my store all while being one of store managers and my team makes it all worth it.

  3. Dogs - This one is silly but we have 2 pups at home and I look forward to seeing them everyday, they give unconditional love and they make me SO HAPPY !

  4. Coffee. Thats it. All coffee. As much as possible to help me through my day. Thank you, Coffee.

  5. Days off - Sleeping in, doing face masks, watching endless amounts of Netflix series.. taking time to myself and yes, I love every second of it.

  6. My faith.

  7. THE GYM - For the last few years I've been in an on and off relationship with gym and this year I fell back in love with him and the way he makes me feel.. yes I'm talking about working out !

  8. My mental health - I am feeling extra thankful that this year I have taken so much time to focus on me. I've fallen in love with myself, my heart and the head space I'm in.

  9. Traveling. Road trips, out of state trips. Getting out of my comfort zone and being able to see beautiful places. I look forward to more in 2020 !

  10. THIS. The opportunity my sweet friend has given me to have an outlet to share my passion and things that excite me every day. Thank you to Adriana, I am so SO grateful. You continue to motivate me and everyone around you, I am so proud of you !

What are you thankful for ?! Do you make these lists every now and then to remind yourself of blessings in your life ? I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by loved ones !

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